All together now

Wednesday 19 July 2017
Port Vila Harbour

Rob started the day picking up Eddiy, the seriously good boat care person, to come aboard for some jobs that needed doing. Suspect Rob may be helping Eddiy in his quest to build his house and find a wife.

Rob and I made our way up to the PCV office for some final preparations for Mission 2. Then down the street to negotiate with the local money changers for local currency to use for accommodation transport etc. As it was a significant amount we were able to get a better than offered rate. Worth noting that the rate for exchanging cash in Port Vila was something like 30% better than the rate reportedly received from the Flight Centre in Melbourne. Anyone coming this way, be aware.

Nicola from the PCV office was good enough to take us up the street with jerry cans to collect 115 litres of petrol for the dinghies and do a small amount of shopping. Thank you Nicola. We are fortunate to have Nicola join us as crew for the sail on Friday.

Thought I’d try the local custom today, siesta from 11.30 to 1.30, think there’s a future in that. Although a little frustrating when you want lures and the fishing supplies shop is closed.

 Rob made his way to the airport once again to meet the last crew members to join us, Vic and Todd. Great to meet them. Not sure if they thought it was so great when we had them straight into rehearsing swinging the big dinghy over the edge among other things.


Looking forward to us all having a good time serving the medical crew over the next couple weeks.

The day has finished with Mark excelling himself once again by dishing up a very nice Tuna casserole straight from the ships cook book. Twas very nice. Tank Yu Tumas Mark from all of us.

Fair winds and smooth seas and all together now

Phil Wicks


Two sleeps to go..,

The clock is ticking on my time here in Vanuatu. The new skipper and crew are aboard and the good ship Chimere is running like a well oiled machine … although I probably shouldn’t have said that.

I picked up Eddiy around 8:00am from the dinghy wharf and he stuck at the scrubbing and sanding and painting all day, ably supervised by Mark who remained aboard baking bread, cleaning, charging the batteries and catching up on a range of other jobs.

Eddiy explained that in building his house on his island of Mataso he’s been making his own lime from “rocks” he collects on the beach, which are then burnt on a fire and uses this, mixed with sand and water, to render branch woven walls. Quite a process!

It was good to pick up the new crew members Vic and Todd at the airport and to see everyone starting to settle in aboard.

Hope you enjoy the photos…

Rob Latimer

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