Lat -16.515, Lon 167.649
Akam Island  (also read Akamb, Akhamb and ill Akam)
Rob Laimer (Brother of Andrew, or as someone recently assumed … “father”… oh, how unkind)
After a couple of months of almost daily “Ships Logs”, or as we sometimes call them “Slogs”, and there comes a day when no message is received – not an email, a radio message, text, telex, twitter, or satphone call – nothing.  Naturally the mind starts to race, anxious-worry sets in and improbable scenarios begin to play out – pirates, tsunami, hurricane, aliens, Government officials …
But once again, boring reality ruled the day and after a brief phone call from skipper-Andrew this morning it was confirmed that poor telecommunications were the problem – nothing to do with Optus by the way.
The good news is that after a wonderfully smooth motor-sail from Pt Vila to Akam on Saturday, a clinic was conducted yesterday (Sunday) after church and apparently 90 patients were seen.  
There wasn’t a lot of time to talk this morning, it was already about 7:30am in Vanuatu and the activity aboard Chimere was predictably frenetic as preparations were being made for a full day’s clinic ashore.  Just imagine, 11 people occupying your hallway and front room, each requiring breakfast, use of the facilities and needing to pack their goodies for a day ashore.  Fortunately, all medical and sailing volunteers are selected for their ability to “play nice”, even in confined spaces – particularly in confined spaces.
On the weather front … looks like everyone will enjoy a warm sunny day on Akam Island today.  Probably around 27 degrees, about the same temperature as the water, after a relatively chilly 26 degree night at anchor. 
Smooth seas, fair winds and give me dial-up … anything.

Rob Latimer