Ahhhh tied up at last at the CYCA

Fri 19 May 21.44

lat -33.87351 lon 151.2319


Four days and 3 hours out of Westernport we finally made it into Sydney
Wonderful thanks to the cruising yacht club of Australia for hosting us!!
It’s dark and most boats look much the same but come morning our industrial strength agricultural look will be revealed for all to see; bringing the tone of the place down somewhat?!
This really is Yachting Central as the home of the Sydney to Hobart race
We are certainly in celebrated company here on “A Row”

And sincere thanks to our Perkins 85hp motor which was turned on Monday evening and was just turned off now Friday night!!  What an effort.
Now there’s just enough time to eat that breakfast cereal I didn’t have this morning and then fall into bed

Berth at CYCA A Row,55

And Cameron’s amazing track in getting us along side, amongst million dollar machines, in a very tight space here in Rushcutters Bay, with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of reverse gear !!
Well done Cam!!

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