Ahhh! Back on the Blue Pacific Ocean Swells

Thursday 19th August 2010   12:00hrs 23 26’S  165 05’E

The smell of freshly baked bread wafting throughout the yacht has brought everyone from their slumber; Carl has taken on the task and has excelled, so much so that the loaves are devoured in a flash. Rhod is in the galley preparing a gourmet evening meal, while the bread is cooling for a gourmet lunch. Tony is persevering with the chartplotter, trying to re-name Waypoints & re-arrange Groups; finding it somewhat frustrating at times, from the occasional expletives noticed from below!
Chimere is currently rolling along very smoothly under Mainsail, Staysail and No.1 Genoa, with a little help from the “iron tops’l” just ticking over to keep our speed around the 6 kt mark. Though still early days, the plan is to arrive in Sydney by Wednesday or Thursday next week, so we really have to keep good pace on at this point in time.
The temperature was noticably cooler last night, so it probably won’t be long before the “winter woollies” become the night attire – but for now it is still “shorts & tee” shirt daytime temperature.
Everyone on board is in good spirits, a far cry from the “not too flash” passage of 4 months ago, on the opening Sydney-Noumea leg.
Nothing more comes to mind right now, so
Fair winds & smooth Seas from Chimere.

Bob B.

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