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Where it all began! – A Tribute to Alice and Bill Latimer

An excerpt from a recent post – ‘Farewell to Andrew’ dated 31 May written by Robert Latimer.

“There’s no doubt, the last 14 days have been a wonderful time of service, discovery, introspection and learning. Since early childhood, Andrew and I, along with our father, Bill, have dreamed, read, talked, planned and dreamed some more about sailing the Pacific – and here we were – on a yacht, our yacht, in the Pacific. At times, as we chatted with local Ni-Vans, were guided through their villages and accepted gifts of banana, grapefruit (giant grapefruit with a French name I can’t spell – something pupplemoose) and coconut, at times we had to pinch ourselves.

All those years ago we never dreamed that in the process of sailing we’d be assisting medical teams access remote island villages. But in a way, there’s something fitting in the way our early dreams are now being played out; the aspect of  “service” being so much a part of the legacy left to us by our parents, Bill and Alice.”

The full Tribute to Alice and Bill Latimer (Mum and Dad, Granny and Grandpa) is attached: 

Tribute to Alice and Bill Latimer

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