Thursday 26 September 2013

Port Vila, Efate

A tidy ship is a happy ship …

Not to say that Chimere has in some way been unhappy as a messy ship,
but there’s nothing quite like a neat and tidy boat; which after much
cleaning and chucking out Chimere now resembles.

There’s parts of the deck I haven’t seen for months, but all is now
ready for the Supporters Tour, which officially begins tomorrow with
the arrival of about 30 folk from Melbourne on the afternoon flight.

Today was dedicated to attending to last minute jobs – the itinerary,
accommodation queries, printing, Village Tour details, hotel transfers
and bus transport plus mundane things like food and catering.  It’s
shaping up to be a fun and rewarding time for all.

Matt and Cathy took the dinghy for a spin around to Hideaway Island
this morning, primarily to try out their snorkeling and to check it
out for when we take Chimere around there on the Supporters Tour Day
Sail next week.

David and Sally continued cleaning and we departed from fish to have
Cathy Burgers tonight for dinner.

Not a lot else to report.  Till next time …

Smooth seas, fair breeze and just one more sleep …

Rob Latimer