A make-and-mend day

Thursday 24 October 2013

East Boyd Bay, Eden

It was a lazy kind of morning with everyone sleeping in till around 9:00am.  The sun was shining early on, but there was a definite chill in the air as the wind strength grew, lifting up the waters in this small bay into a bit of a chop.

With little to do but sit around, we made ourselves productive by looking for jobs to do aboard, including sewing up the old cockpit dodger and installing a new bilge pump.  They don’t sound like big tasks, but surprisingly they took most of the day.
And that’s about as exciting as the day got.

The wind certainly blew hard during the day and there were passing showers, but it was nothing compared with the wind gusts of up to 77 knots (142km/h) recorded at Wilson’s Prom.
As I sit here I’m thinking of what else happened today … I asked the guys and some helpful suggestions popped out, such as … “we haven’t dragged anchor”  …  “another yacht joined us in the anchorage – making a total of three”  … “the big ship has stopped loading logs” …
And I think that’s about where I’ll have to leave it tonight … it’s time to watch another DVD
Smooth seas, fair breeze and we’re not quite stir-crazy yet

Rob Latimer


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