A Little more headway

South Pacific  31 35 south 155 00 east 6.45 pm

2010.04.17 Chimere Position

Today’s title comes complements of our skipper Bob. The remainder of yesterdays progress was aptly described by Martin as representing the top 1 percent of sailing. Beautiful breeze, sunny, slight seas, and averaging around 5 knots without the need for our cast iron headsail.

Today was more a matter of one rain squall to the next. One minute doing 7.5 knots, a minute later down to 1. Leaving the hatch above ones bunk even slightly open is met with stern consequences in these situations, but, lots of drying time in between.

Our 3 slightly woozy crew members are slowly getting better. Andy has just gone for a rest (was it the beer?) and Nick is helping cook up a storm OOPS, wrong word, errrr, a feast in the galley. I am pleased to say that I am now able to remain seated at the computer for an entire entry, well, so far any way, without the need for a hasty run up the companion way.

Life aboard Chimere is otherwise progressing in relatively uneventful manner. Continuing to make headway, though not as much as we would like, but in the right direction.

Tomorrow we would like to order a southerly breeze of 20 knots, and hold the squeals please .

Bill Vrijens ( phew! I made it!)

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