Thursday 7 May, 10.56 pm

It was another day of culinary highs today, with the last of the tuna being prepared as steaks in herb flour and olive oil, accompanied by a tomato and lettuce salad, coleslaw and baked Turkish bread. The evening meal consisted of “Hungry Will Burgers” followed by a banana cake cooked earlier by Will and Kathy, plus ice-cream and fruit topped with fruit and nut chocolate (thank you Brian Taylor)and maple syrup. Not sure what we’ll do when the ice-cream runs out.

Asked what sort of ice cream they serve on the Sydney Hobart yachts, veteran sailor Bob exclaimed “ice-cream!!”, “this would have to be the first time I’ve ever had ice-cream on a yacht mid ocean – or maybe anytime” exclaimed Bob. What about cakes, what sort of cake do you cook on a maxi yacht doing 20kts downwind to Hobart – chocolate, vanilla … “cake!!” “even on the 100 foot yacht I delivered to the US, which had a galley the size of this saloon and a six burner stove, we only ever opened cans”.

In a renewed attempt to catch a fish, Will attached a string of tuna pieces to a gang of hooks, which was all dangled over the stern. Admittedly we were going quite slow at the time, but Bob declared it was the first time he’d even seen live bait trailed behind a sailing yacht. “There’s no sharks out here”, said Bob, “you’ll catch a coral trout”.

I know I shouldn’t mention the fact that today Bob made use of the onboard shower under the heading …”A day of firsts”, but after a sweaty time trying to refit some sound proofing panels around the generator and engine even Bob felt it was time to lash out. Upon completion he declared himself “refreshed”.

The wind got lighter today, which is what we expected, with tomorrow promising to provide a fresh breeze of the South West. At the moment it’s about 11:00pm and we are motoring along at 5 knots. It serves to charge the batteries as well as keep our average speed up. Plus it stops us rolling around before a lumpy kind of sea.

Smooth sea, fair breeze and may the ice-cream last.