Wendesday 6 May, 7.27 pm

 We’ve just downloaded the latest weather map for the Tasman Sea, stretching from Australia to Vanuatu and it could not get much better. The winds are going our way, the seas are manageable and we should be able to average a speed in excess of 6 knots. And that’s for the next 4 days!!

The sea is a deep blue and we are bounding along with three sails out the left and the wind blowing in from the right – magnificent.

On board there’s a lot of sleeping going on – not just me. Having a crew of 5 means we can each share the roles of cooking, keeping watch, cleaning, changing sails, checking gear and when not reading or eating, sleeping helps keep the batteries charged.

We’ve now just finished dinner, it was my turn and we had spag bol, very tasty. Will had a shower today. Bob says he’ll wait till it gets a bit warmer. Apparently he’s an “on-deck man”, and the shower has to come to him, not the other way around. We’ve had a few passing showers, but they’ve mostly been at night and with a southerly aspect to them they’re a bit chilly – definitely not for Bob.

No fish caught today, although there were two hard strikes on the new lure, but somehow the fish weren’t hooked.

I dug out some of the New Caledonia and Vanuatu charts today. Getting excited. Our chart plotter is a bit like those maps they have on the planes when you do a long haul flight. Although in our case we have the shape of a boat instead of a plane on the map of the world. There’s also the fact that ours moves at the glacial speed of about 6-7 miles an hour, rather than 500 miles an hour. Although, if you adjust the scale you can see the little black boat image move, but it’s really from one wave to the next and not very meaningful.

Happy to report that everyone is happy aboard. We are thinking of Graeme Duke doing his fund raising walk in southern Victoria – check out his progress at


Smooth sea, fair breeze and here’s to the meteorology profession.