5 Sleeps To Go

This morning I awoke to the noise of busy riggers continuing their work of fitting new stays, threading new halyards and replacing old pulleys.  All led by the ever-capable Mario.   (I was keen to keep out of their way… these guys are on an hourly rate)   Their work will continue tomorrow and our current plan is to have a brief test sail on Wednesday afternoon.  (I think I’ll keep the riggers hostage and let them off the boat under a prisoner exchange program once the work is all done and dusted)

At the moment all is quiet as I sit here typing away and wondering which can I’ll open tonight.  I’m getting hungry – will it be baked beams, or will it be spaghetti?  One of life’s tough choices!!   But earlier today we had Chris fitting new lights and threading 12v wire everywhere and Will and Kathy busy constructing their list of tasks.

I met Will and Kathy for the first time yesterday.  And Will and Kathy still haven’t met their other companions on the voyage Bob and Martin.  Got all the ingredients of a Big Brother series hasn’t it?!  Anyway, we’ll all get to know each other on Wednesday night over combination fried rice at a local Chimese restaurant as we enjoy our Sydney Crew & Co dinner (we had a similar affair in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago – hosted by Robyn and Mike Clarke)

Will and Kathy have just relocated from Albury, where they’ve been living for the past 2-3 years.  After the Vanuatu trip they head off to Kathy’s native Canada.  Will to contune his studies in Adventure Eco-Travel  and Kathy to find work in Social Services I think.

Tomorrow, Kathy, Jo and I will get serious about buying more food as we head down to Brookvale and Campbells Cash & Carry.  (The manager has indicated he might be able to offer a bit of a discount.)

With all the activity one thing I forgot to do today was take photos.  I’ll do better tomorrow.

On the weather front, things look like they’re calming down for our Saturday departure.  The 7 day map shows wind from the south on Saturday 2 May at around 15 knots.   

Bob has booked Customs for us on Saturday morning down on Sydney harbour along with a couple of nights at the Cruising Yacht Club of Aust (Thursday and Friday) in Rushcutters Bay.  (we hope to sail out of Pittwater Thursday morning)  He’s also teeing up a fuel barge to meet us and sell us around 1,400 litres of diesel.  I wonder if I can use my Coles shopper dockets? 

Smooth sea, fair breeze and may all the jobs be finished by Wednesday (at about 11.45am)


Forecast winds from the south of 15 knots on departure day Sat 2 May - looking good (just a bit chilly)

2 thoughts on “5 Sleeps To Go”

  1. Rob and Andrew,

    Hope all goes well with final preparations.

    Do the arrows on the forecast map point to lost treasure, or is it one of those kids dot-to-dot drawing books – I quite liked them?

    And Sue cannot find the stardate on the Shipslog. Remember Zapp?
    “Capt Zapp Brannigan: Captain’s log. Stardate: 3000.6.
    Kif: Who are you talking to?
    Zapp: You, Kif. Aren’t you writing this down?”

  2. Many thanks Graeme and family.

    Glad you mentioned the arrows on the weather map, many people aren’t aware, but more dangerous than the strong winds and high seas is the risk of being hit by one of those arrows. They can put a hole right through the sails.

    As for Kif, he’s remaning ashore, so I’ll have no one to lay out my formal shorts when the need arises … or give me a back rub for that matter.

    Best wishes for the 120km walk !!

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