2014 Mission


Whilst we will not be using the yacht this year, we continue to assist the PCV Health program in a range of areas, including:

1.  Recruiting dental volunteers to operate the PCV Health Dental Clinic for 1-2 weeks each month. (Vicky Silcock has just returned from a tour of duty and we have our second dentist for the year finishing up a tour this week)

2.  Recruiting and operating three Medical Outreach Missions, incorporating dental, optical and medical services, to the islands of Ambrym, Pentecost & Maewo.  Transport for these missions will be by local plane, 4WD and small coastal boats.


Volunteers Required


The attached 2014 PCV Health Volunteers Manual provides more details of the overall program, however, if you, or anyone you know, are interested in volunteering for the following missions, we would love to have a chat:

Volunteers Required for …

TEAM 1      22 May–5 June (Ambrym)
TEAM 2      3–17 July   (Pentecost)
TEAM 3      14–28 August   (Maewo)

Each team requires:

Co-ordinator x 1
Dentist x 2
Dental Nurse, x 2
Doctor x 1
Optometrist x 1

Each team will also comprise local, Ni-Van Health Care Workers.

See also the Vanuatu Prevention of Blindness Program Handbook for Medical and Nursing Team Members.


Thank you again for your ongoing interest and encouragement and we always welcome your feed-back and comments

Smooth seas, fair breeze

Rob Latimer, Barry Crouch and Mike Clarke
Medical Sailing Ministries

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