Carl Suddaby

Whilst I’m a qualified diesel mechanic, much of my background has centred around the sea, with 15 years as a commercial fishing boat skipper, a commercial diving ticket and my current position in Hervey Bay where I manage a boat repair business.  Plus there was 4 year period there in the ambulance service.  My reason for volunteering?  Well, my wife and I visited Vanuatu last year and were taken with the people and could see the need for helping them to learn to help themselves. I suppose I’ve been looking for ways to go back and try to help in some way.  I saw the MSM article in the recent Club Marine Mag and got in touch.   Plus, my youngest daughter was born with a cataract in one eye and was very lucky not to have it in both eyes. So I suppose this drove me to apply, particularly given the work centres around eyecare.

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