It’s been a big week in Paradise, as Richard Tatwin, Barry Stewart, Morinda Kalmar, Bob Natuman, Mike Clarke and Rob Latimer continue the oral health work of Medical Sailing Ministries – in partnership with the Vanuatu Ministry of Health and PCV Health (Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu health program).


Our energy is now focused on finding ways to expand the “Gudfala Tut Skul Projek” (tr: Good Teeth School Project) which we have been successfully operating at Vila Central School over the past 20 weeks.

The Gudfala Tut Skul Projek empowers and resources teachers to conduct supervised brushing of teeth each morning at school, as well as parents and guardians to do the same at night; spreading the message to siblings and adults alike that daily brushing of teeth is for everyone.

The program also involves the manufacture of our own toothpaste in Mint, Tropical and Bubblegum flavours, using a base of coconut oil, to help make the program as sustainable as possible.

And as the poster reminds us all … Brush Well … Eat Well … Drink Well …