Greetings again,
and a very big thank you to everyone who has already responded !!
Just thought I’d send around a final reminder for those who might have intended coming, but overlooked the fact that it’s just 4 sleeps until the big night – Blast From Your Past.
I’ve attached a flyer with all the information, plus the links below:
And here’s the website …
It’s all in a good cause … raising money for the work of Medical Sailing Ministries in Vanuatu;  particular next year as we expand the in-school brushing of teeth program – “Gudfala Tut Skul Projek” – outside the capital Port Vila
Feel free to pass this invitation onto friends and family !    
Call me on 0428 370 579 if you have any questions 
Look forward to keeping in touch.
All the best
Rob Latimer
PS  RSVP-ing  is not essential – just come along – but if you think you’ll be there and you can flick back an email with numbers, that will help with planning and set-up.