Tuesday 27 August 2013

Beach front Resort (anchored off the …)

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The day started early and after doing some tidying up aboard we made our first stop at the Rural Health Centre around 9:00am.  Joseph Mape, who we’d come to show the mud brick stove demonstration, needed to head off up-country so we showed it to nurse Thomas who was soon to head back up to his village, which we think was called Pesena in North Santo – quite a remote place by all accounts

It was then up to the hospital, where we hoped to catch up with Dr Mark Kapukai who heads up the dental program for the region.  We felt bad walking in amongst the gathered expectant-patients, first because we didn’t want people to  think we were getting to the front of the queue just because of the colour of our skin and then because we didn’t want to take any of the dentists away from their work.  We soon discovered that Mark was down at the hospital admin section and after a few phone calls he came up to the dental building to say hello.  It was a good meeting and we talked back and forth about the dental issues facing Vanuatu and how we at PCV Health are very keen to assist and work with the Dept of Health wherever we can


Yesterday we’d made a time to see the World Vision driver at 10:00am at the hospital, knowing we’d be up here, but he didn’t show.  Consequently Cathy and I walked the short distance down the road to the World Vision house and introduced ourselves to several of the team, including Kelvin Willie and Abel Nasse.  They seemed very interested in the mud brick stoves and suggested we should meet the area manager, Kathryn Munnell who was conducting a computer software workshop for field workers.  After making our way to the Presbyterian Church training centre we waited till lunch break then introduced ourselves.  The result was that we will return on Thursday lunchtime to show the DVD and then again Friday morning for the local staff.


Lunch was at a favourite café spot – so much so I just can’t remember the name, but what I do know is that they make wonderful pamplemoose slushies, which for an extra $1 you can have as a spider with two scoops of ice-cream.  Hard to stop at one … so I didn’t.


At 1:30pm, when the usual shops re-opened after the lunchtime break, we headed to Santo Hardware where we bought a few useful fittings, plus we were given some plywood off cuts which we intend to make into a stand for the dental presentation posters.


It was then onto the Origin Energy shop where we bought a small gas stove to assist with the sterilization of all the dental tools.  Some sliced bread was next, then off to the boat  – the two cut up sheets of ply just fitting into the backseat if Cathy sat sideways and held her feet a certain way  luckily it wasn’t that far.


Back at dinghy-central, (on the beach)  we met the US solo yachtsman who’d arrive late yesterday from SanFransisco, via New Zealand, aboard his 8.3 metre yacht Alexandra  (Note: Our dinghy is 3.4 metres long)

His boat is called a Bristol 27 and you can find out more of this design here – plus some notes from the man himself – name blong him Sean.



Now, we’d heard about Sean from Richard & Ali off Vulcan Spirit.  Apparently they saw him down on the island of Ambryn where he’d headed off pig hunting with 5 local lads, plus their dogs – all aboard his wee 27 foot yacht, then to return with all of the above some time later plus two dead pigs and a small piglet (very much alive)


On our way to the beach this morning we dropped off a couple of our many pamplemoose to Sean (he had a kayak as a tender) and at the same time did the usual introductions.  Sean seemed to be rebuilding something when we arrived, after being “pooped” by a wave on his way in to port.


It appeared that not a lot phased Sean, which is fortunate given the seas he has crossed in getting here, but he still felt a bit “put out” by the New Zealand authorities who very nearly prevented him from leaving the country last month.


The following links I found which might explain things a bit better.




Dinner was a lovely affair over at Ken and Joy’s little ship Trinity Castle which they are bring back from the USA after buying it in Seattle.  I presented Ken with an MSM T-shirt making him an honorary crew member for his promise to assist us with fixing the battery readout monitor – he’s dropping over at 8:30am tomorrow so I’d better get to bed


Smooth seas, fair breeze and the preparation continues.


Robert Latimer




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