Apologies for no blog on Thursday. We had a couple of busy days preparing Chimere for the voyage and set sail on Thursday morning tired but keen to get going.
We dropped our mooring lines at 7:37 in the morning and spent some time familiarising the crew with the boat. Outside of Mele Bay we sailed into a choppy and confused sea with a 25 knot wind from the southeast. It was fast sailing but not so kind on the tummies of most of the crew. As a result no one had the desire to sit at a bouncy table typing on the laptop. It was in bed or on watch thank you.

Even so we set a brisk pace and bye and bye everyone got their sea legs and eventually their sea tummies too.
By Friday midday the weather moderated, the seas smoothed out and Chimere became a pleasant place to be. The direct course to the Grand Passage at the top of New Caledonia would have taken us about 4 miles south of Petrie Reef but since we were passing in daylight we diverted to pass close by it’s northern coast to try and catch our dinner.

Rob and Jonno quickly caught 2 very good looking mackerel and then engaged in a fight with several much bigger fish all of which chomped through the trace wire and got away with our lures. Fishing lesson 101 get strong steel trace wires! It is a grand thing to catch a fish at 4 in the afternoon and be eating it by 6pm. Jonno and Rob did the filleting, Gwilym made a great salad and sweet potato mash, we all did some cooking and had a superb meal.
We are now about 30 miles away from the Grand Passage still make good comfortable progress with full sail under a clear star filled night. Yes a sailor’s delight!