Bringing her home #2

21st Oct 2017
Hi Folks,
It’s been a few days since our departure blog and about time we brought you up to date on the journey thus far.
We are now through the Grand Passage via Petrie Reef having managed through the first day of solid 25 knots of wind with decent seas. With the wind abeam on day 1 it made for good reaching and some adjustments of stomachs for a few of us. Since that brisk initiation into open sea sailing things are settling into a routine and the weather has all the while calmed down to only about 10 knots and is almost astern – allowing us to pole out the staysail and enjoy less apparent wind.
Some highlights and revelations over the last few days are:
– Continuing to get to know each other. A yacht is very close proximity at best and our personal traits and habits are all exposed, with Jonno’s (proud) family heritage in flatulence evident even outside in 25 knots.
– Singing spontaneous ‘Scripture in Song’ verses with full gusto together.
– Realising that this isn’t just a Men’s Camp but also a Men’s Shed – we regularly consult the workshop for tools and Ray for advice on fixing and tweaking things aboard, we almost know where all the tools reside now! Jobs have included steering sheave lubrication, engine brake enhancements, stay adjustments, traveller car pin repairs, etc. Often jobs are done with 3 or 4 heads down a hole or out on deck together.
– Stopping at Petrie Reef was a welcome change where we snuck in the lee and out of the swell and did ourselves a spot of fishing. Rob pulled in two nice Mackerel which we cleaned up immediately and ate for dinner. Jonno has bragging rights for the big one that got away.
– We are getting hints of Gwilym’s cooking prowess as the seas have settled, which keeps us all cheery indeed.
– Just a while ago Cam and I were watching a large seabird swing past and then dive for a sizeable flying fish, and then immediately after a large tuna jumped well clear of the water, apparently after the same fish but looking like it wanted the bird!
– The night sky is brilliant out here – I thought our bush sky was bright with stars because it is out of town but when you are miles from anywhere at sea with no moon it is fantastic!! The phosphorescence in the wash makes it all the more special.
– I have a video of Rob and Gwilym laughing that I’m pretty sure will go viral – will post it upon return.
– The third hour of a night watch is harder than the previous two combined.
– Cam is teaching us the Navchart Plotter and Auto Helm which is great for building confidence for us during watches. Rob says there is no better crew member than the AutoHelm – yep, never complains, always works, doesn’t need food!
Righto – sea you later!

MSM Mission 2017

Where is the Chimere now?

Using predictwind GPS

Using Marine traffic GPS tracking – not available in open sea

As the Chimere sails, the map below will show its position track its route using Marine traffic GPS tracking.

  • Wait until map has stopped loading
  • Enjoy the glimpse of marine activity in Europe as it flashes past 🙂
  • Zoom in or explore some of the links to see more details.
  • To track Chimere’s route, click on the ‘Show previous track’ link in the bottom right corner.

Click this link for more details

Using SPOT GPS tracking – Click on this link to see a full screen map.

As the Chimere sails, the map below will track its route using SPOT GPS tracking.

  • Wait until page has stopped loading
  • Click on the  << icon next to the word ‘Map’ to hide the list and see more of the map.
  • Hover mouse over map and use mouse scroll wheel to optimise view of map
  • If the map shows Seattle, USA and there are Chimere messages in the list then click the ‘refresh’ icon just below the << icon.
  • If there are no messages in the list then there have been no messages from Chimere in the last week.

Click on this link to see a full screen map.



As the New Year gets under way in earnest, planning for a return sailing mission to Vanuatu is starting to step up a notch !!
This will be Medical Sailing Ministry’s 4th sailing mission in eight years with volunteers now being recruited for each of the 8 Stages between May and November; in areas of dental, medical, optical and sailing.

Maybe you’d like to join us?! Well now is the time to apply.

Download a copy of the full 2017 Mission Plan.

We invite you to join us at the Volunteer Information Night Invitation on Friday 10 February? Click to download further details.

And simply click to read a copy of the latest Dec 2016 MSM Member Update

We thank you for your interest and welcome your support and encouragement. 

If you are not able to volunteer but would still like to enjoy something of the grass-roots Vanuatu experience then you might be interested in joining us on the 11 day  2017 Vanuatu Supporters Tour in October.

By joining the Supporters Tour you will not only be contributing to local employment and village development but you will also be assisting Medical Sailing Ministries as they coordinate a National Oral Health Survey of Vanuatu; the first ever. A survey that will encompass 1% of the population (approx. 3,000 people), across 5 different age groups in both urban and rural locations on more than 30 of the country’s 63 inhabited islands.

It’s a big undertaking and with the recent withdrawal of Australian Federal Government funding to this vital, long-standing Vanuatu health program, it’s something we are seeking to do solely through volunteer-contributions, private donations and fundraising.

Again, we value your interest and support and encourage you to get on-board – in whatever way you can.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and look forward to hearing from you


Rob Latimer

MSM Co-ordinator,


DONATIONS: If you feel able to make a [NON deductible) donation to the work of MSM, we would greatly appreciate your support:

Bank Transfer: CBA North Ringwood – NRUC Medical Sailing Ministries A/c BSB: 063885 A/c No.: 10291497

By Cheque: Pay to – “NRUC Medical Sailing Ministries A/c” Post to – MSM, 29 Wonga Rd, Ringwood North, 3134