“Blast From Your Past” … a unique MSM fundraiser event


Your Invitation + friends, family & neighbours – 6 October 2018
A fun night of music and variety entertainment called “Blast From Your Past” (www.blastfromyourpast.com.au) is planned for Saturday 6th October, as a fundraiser for the work of MSM in Vanuatu.  
The format for the evening will be similar to the successful 60s and 70s nights held over the past three years, with good ol’ fashioned “Nostalgia“, plus an ensemble of amazingly talented musicians, fueling the fun and frivolity.
There’s also the chance to come dressed in your favorite decade, the Rock’n 50sRebel 60sRelaxed 70s, or the Recent 80s … (…as you’d be aware, nothing of note has happened in the past 30 years, so the evening is featuring solely pre-1990 music, comedy, TV and news)   
Event Promos
A flyer is attached, but I’ve also included two recent fun video promos for the event below…

And here’s the website … http://www.blastfromyourpast.com.au/
Feel free to pass it onto friends and family !  Why not come along as a group?!
It’s not essential to RSVP, but if you can it’ll help tremendously with planning.  
If you think you can come just flick an email to msmvanuatu@gmail.com, with names and numbers.
Look forward to catching up on the night!
All the best
Rob Latimer
for Medical Sailing Ministries
Ph 0428 370 579

Welcome to Medical Sailing Ministries

The Past 12 Months

Medical Sailing Ministries conducted four outreach missions throughout 2017 in conjunction with PCV Health. (www.pcvhealth.org)   

Each mission-team comprised between 12 and 15 people, both Ni-Van (local) and overseas volunteers, taking dental, eyecare and medical services to a total of eighteen islands.  (Tanna, Aniwa, Futuna, Erromango, Emae,Tongoa, Epi, Lamen, Paama, Ambrym, Santo, Ambae, Pentecost, Maewo, Merelava, Gaua, Vanualava and Ureparapara.)  

(Front l-r, Oral Therapist Barkon Japeth & dentist Dr Wellin Jerethy with Bob and Richard behind)

A total of 45 self-funded volunteers participated over the six month period, with some of the clinical stats. included below for those who like their numbers…

  • 728 eyecare patients seen, with 413 pairs of spectacles dispensed and 35 referrals made.
  • 718 dental patients (extracting 873 teeth, eleven from one woman alone), and  
  • 966 medical patients treated

National Oral Health Survey

In addition, MSM coordinated a National Oral Health Survey on behalf of the Vanuatu Ministry of Health.   It is the first such survey ever to be conducted in Vanuatu and is being done in accordance with strict World Health Organisation (WHO) methodologies.  The survey encompasses around 1% of the population (approx. 2,800 people) across 5 different age cohorts, in 90 locations (urban, rural & remote) and on more than 30 of the country’s 63 inhabited islands.  It involved a tooth-by-tooth oral examination, plus a detailed interview questionnaire conducted in the local language by mostly local volunteers and health professionals.

Once completed, (later this year) the final report will be published on the WHO oral health database and used as the foundation for the establishment of a National Oral Health Plan, to address the health-catastrophe that is unfolding as a result of the adoption of a largely sugar-based diet; as is the case in most Pacific-island nations. 

Thank You

Again, we thank you for your ongoing interest, encouragement and support.

To the volunteers … you did an amazing job, and without you the program simply would not have got off the ground … or left the wharf … as the case may be. 

Whilst there is now uncertainty about the very survival of PCV Health in the wake of their funding “issues”, underneath we feel there is a real opportunity here to put the health program on a firm, sustainable and independent footing for the future.   Your donation towards the interim, short-term funding, to keep the team of eight together, would really be welcome, whatever you feel able to give. 

Simply visit …  https://pcvhealthsalaries.raisely.com/    or http://pcvhealth.org/make-a-donation/  

Smooth seas, fair breeze and tank yu tumas !


Robert Latimer & Mike Clarke

MSM Co-ordinators, www.msm.org.au 

North Ringwood Uniting Church, c/- 29 Wonga Rd, Ringwood North, VIC, 3134      

E:  msmvanuatu@gmail.com

www.pcvhealth.org    www.whataidwhere.org    www.bestpublictoilet.org


DONATIONS: If you feel able to make a [NON deductible) donation to the work of MSM, we would greatly appreciate your support:

Bank Transfer: CBA North Ringwood – NRUC Medical Sailing Ministries A/c BSB: 063885 A/c No.: 10291497

By Cheque: Pay to – “NRUC Medical Sailing Ministries A/c” Post to – MSM, 29 Wonga Rd, Ringwood North, 3134